Award Winners

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the names of the winners of the IDEAS Awards 2016 first ever edition

After days of hard work, research, qualitative evaluations and analysis, the international jury, has chosen the winners of the IDEAS Award 2016. The members of the jury worked with their own personal vision of design, establishing the rankings of winners which have been arranged thusly:

4 winners ‘1st Prize’, ‘2nd Prize’ and two joint ‘3rd  Prize’
1 ‘Special Prize’ winner

1ST PRIZE “ WORKWIDE” 10 000 €

PAUL MORIN & CLÉMENTINE PELLEGRIN met at École Boulle in Paris. After graduating in 2012,
they both joined ENSCI-Les Ateliers in the French capital. Whilst Paul specializes in industrial design,
research and innovation, Clementine focuses on colors, patterns and moods. Their complementary
approach defines their methodology, which combines their own artistic identity with design innovation.
Working on a large range of projects, from product to UX design, their global strategy encompasses
experimentation and innovative conception in order to shape the objects of the future and their usage.

2nd PRIZE “ 2TC” 4 000 €

We are a class of 21 students, in 3rd year at Strate – school of design. This year, we worked together on a common project: creating a furniture system and accessories for a coworking space. This project, as part of one of our courses, was subsequently presented to the Ideas Award.

The challenge was to have a group of about 20 members work in the same direction.

Led by Octave Puis-Nicot, our coordinator, we organized ourselves as a design agency. Different poles have been created around the pillars of the project:

– The system, or how to think about the interactions between objects and / or individuals within
– The coworking space;
– The furniture, or work plans and foundations;

– The lights and finally the accessories.

After long discussions, sometimes hectic, a course was chosen. The project was launched by a small group, then in a second time, the 42 hands were not too many to realize the 3D and a large quantity of renderings, within a limited time
The 2TC project was born.

 3rd PRIZE (Joint)“ AgileWork” 1 000 €

ROMAIN GUILLET is a designer based in Paris, France. He develops his work in multiple contexts including interior and set design, furniture, graphic design and edition.
He went through industrial design and environmental design studies (EDNA, Nantes ; ESAT, Paris), then joined Mathieu Lehanneur studio from 2008 to 2010.

 3rd PRIZE (Joint)“ LE COCOTIER” 1 000 €

The designers 5.2.4 form a multidisciplinary team with complementary specialties. Coming from the course of the Superior Diploma of Applied Arts of the Martinière Diderot in Lyon, the 11 members have teamed up to propose a collaborative concept around the Coworking. Among them, 5 space designers Julie Daudin, Claire Morin, Marine Ramel, Alexandra Branco, Coralie Ponthoreau, 2 graphic designers Florian Petitdemange, Augusto Garcia and 4 product designers  Clara Carneiro Alves, Charlie Lopez, Ludivine Raynaud and Victoria Dolmatova. Together, they carried out a survey and experimental work on the ground, and the pooling of their skills led to the creation of the Cocotier project.

Special Prize “ THE ISLAND”

Anurag Etchepareborda

My name is Anurag Etchepareborda and I’m a Swiss industrial and product designer based in Switzerland. I have graduated in 2014 with a master degree from the Swiss design and fine arts school of Lausanne (Ecal). I have been working for 2 years as a designer in an agency in Lausanne and have recently decided to work has an independent and freelancer. I am currently putting things together to prepare my own structure that will start very soon in January of the next year. I’m looking at the moment on several services I wish to offer like creative consulting and design project management. I have always been very attracted to the office environment and its organizations with its complexities of space, locations and finally its people. This field of work is for me the best area in which I find a lot of passion in finding solving ideas or utopian proposals. From a designer’s perspective there are so many things for us to reflect on and not only from a furniture or object oriented view. Solving and reflecting on the way the offices evolve would be for me a great goal I wish to practice as soon as possible.