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2016 Coworking Design Competition

Result of the Ideas Award 2016 :

Dear Participants, It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the names of the winners of the IDEAS Awards 2016 first ever edition
1st prize : Project “ WORKWIDE” n°6E63703D61
2nd prize : Project “2TC” n°3CDC76318D
3rd prize ex-aequo : Projects “LE COCOTIER” n°C071D8BAE9 and “AGILEWORK” n°BB55D99280
The jury wanted also to give a Special Prize to the project “THE ISLAND” n°093B7FE4A5 for its originality.


Ideas Laboratory is pleased to invite designers from all over the world to participate in the 2016 IDLab Design Competition. The award was born from the desire to create a forum for the discussion, debate and development of innovative design. Our goal is to discover and promote the most creative solution that will transform the way we live and interact with our environment in the context of coworking.

The 21st Century's economy is shaped by two great movements: technology and globalization. Around the world, these movements are changing the workplace in a dramatic way Due to changes in the economy, the way we are working is evolving : start-ups, freelancers, sub-contractors... To be agile, companies need to open themselves to networks of experts and partners in a process of co-innovation and open-innovation. Coworking is a way for companies to be more competitive but also to improve the wellbeing at work of their employees: telecommuting, mobility, social links, good food…

For all these reasons, we believe new solutions for cowork places are a great challenge to tackle. This is a design competition and designers may submit ideas, and/or concepts. Projects will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, feasibility, function, and aesthetics.

Context & Paradoxes

Although, plenty of coworking spaces are emerging around the world and rise quickly in different capitals, this way of working could induce recurrent problems. For instance, people want to be able to talk and meet everybody in a coworking space. On the other hand, to be efficient, they don’t want to be disturbed in their work either. We identify this paradoxe as “Separated/Together”.
There are plenty of other paradoxes in the coworking space that need to be taken into account:
• Separated / Together
• Public / Closed (confidentiality of the work)
• Physical / Virtual
• Noise / silence
• Modular / Fixed
• Interior / Exterior
• Improvised / Organized
• Dedicated / Multitask

We hope participants of this competitions will offer interesting solutions to address these contradictions or paradoxes, or find new ones. The solutions could embrace different topics as lights, surface, textures, volumes, circulation, digital, …etc. This list is not exhaustive: feel free to propose new visions…

Call for new design

Participants may submit the following designs:
Objects: furniture, lightings, electronic devices,…
Services: booking, meetings….
Spaces: kitchen, Circulation, Volumes, Ground, Ceilings and partitions, Light…

This is an ideas competition and designers may submit ideas, and /or concepts. Projects will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, feasibility, function, and aesthetics.


June 30, 2016 – Competition announcement, registration begins
September 30, 2016 – Registration deadline (23:59 hours EU Time)
October 16, 2016 – Submission deadline (23:59 hours EU Time)
October 18, 2016 – pre-selection Jury
October 27, 2016 – Final Jury


This is a digital competition and no hardcopies are necessary, a unique projectID will be given on registration. Entrants must submit their proposal no later than September 30, 2016 (23:59 hours EU Time)


3 single landscape oriented A1 sheets (Concepts, Scenario, 3D visual), 1 Video (optional).

Graphics files

The sheet must be submitted in 2 formats:
High resolution file
250 dpi resolution – File type: pdf – Maximum file size: 20Mb
File name: projectID_250.pdf
Low resolution file
72 dpi resolution – File type: jpeg – Maximum file size: 1Mb
File name: projectID_72.jpg
A word file containing the project description
File type: doc
File name: projectID.doc

Video files

The Video file of Scenario or 3D Simulation.
File type: MPG4
Maximum file size: 200 Mb
File name: projectID.MPG4

All files must be marked with your project ID, presented clearly in the top right-hand corner of all your submitted files.
Your files must NOT include ANY information that may give away your identity. Do NOT include your name in your documents, only the project ID.
All the files must be placed in a ZIP folder named with your project ID containing the deliverables and be submitted via to


• This is an anonymous competition and the registration number project ID is the only means of identification.
• The official language of the competition is English.
• The registration fee is non-refundable.
• Contacting the Jury is prohibited.
• Ideas Laboratory, as the competition organizer, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.
• Entrants will be disqualified if any of the competition rules are not considered.
• Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.
• Participants retain all copyrights of their designs. Ideas Laboratory reserves the right to publish the projects as deemed necessary.
• Participants may publish their designs in other publications as well.


Download the Ideas Awards brief & regulations



After your registration has been approved, Ideas Lab will send you a project ID number. The registration number will be necessary to submit to the competition.


Chaired by the renowned designer Matali Crasset, the jury is composed of industry & design professionals.


Matali Crasset

Matali Crasset production


Olivier Peyricot

Cité du Design


Olivier Menard

SISMO Design


Emmanuel Thouan

Dici design


Christophe Chedal Anglay

Chedal Anglay Design


Mathilde Berchon

TechShop - Ateliers Leroy Merlin


David Boisdevesys

Bouygues, le E-lab.


Isabelle Le Gall



1st Prize

10 000 €

2nd prize

4 000 €

3rd prize

1 000 €

There will also be 5 special mentions.
Winners and special mentions will be announced at a dedicated Ideas Lab event on November, 2016
Winners and special mentions will be published online in several international online magazines as well as on Ideas Lab website and in print on Ideas Laboratory publications and media partners.


Alps Design Lab
Departement de lisere
GDF suez
Universite grenoble alpes